Radwell International: One Brand with Many Solutions

Radwell is a hybrid distribution and engineering company designed using modern advances in e-commerce and internet connections. Unlike older distribution models using small local industrial engineering-enabled distribution, or more modern national e-commerce websites lacking engineering support, Radwell offers the option to combine local engineering support-style distribution with the power of a national e-commerce platform. With Radwell, you get the ease of a worldwide e-commerce site combined with the largest technical support provider globally. Additionally, with Radwell’s aftermarket, you have access to the largest stock of new and obsolete parts available globally.

Simply put, Radwell is the modern solution to the complex industrial tech-enabled, critical spare supply chain.

Radwell has many repair and distribution centres throughout the US, Europe, and Canada. We are always where you need us.

Radwell is the leader in high-tech and electrical MRO supply and technical services globally.

Radwell.com has over 60,000 visitors per day. It’s the industry-leading MRO and automation website.

Whether you purchased that critical obsolete spare from another company or not, chances are it originated from Radwell’s extensive global inventory.

Radwell is always ahead of the automation curve. We have the largest group of technicians and engineers globally, repairing and troubleshooting automation equipment. We use artificial intelligence systems to locate and stock spare parts predicted to become critical to plant operations.

Because of Radwell’s capabilities, we directly provide solutions for over 350 machine-down situations every month and growing. There is no doubt we have been the solution for your facility already.

How can we help your COO, Plant Operations Manager, and Plant Engineering Team’s continuous efforts to prevent costly downtime and reduce overhead?

Let's start with Radwell’s customised inventory model.

We will evaluate your MRO inventory and ensure Radwell stocks the items you need, both current and obsolete products. We can also provide Automation Lifecycle Analysis for your operation to help proactively plan for future maintenance. These evaluations will allow Radwell to have everything you need when you need it.

Combine this intelligent inventory with Radwell’s exclusive “world search tool,” which allows us to locate more cost-effective products that could be sitting on the market. This is a cost reduction tool only Radwell can provide. Why pay retail for current items when there is so much product already on the market at reduced rates? Matching our inventory to your needs will allow for immediate delivery and avoid critical shutdowns.

What if the products you are using, your critical spares are obsolete? Do you know where they are and how to quickly procure one?

We do!

When Radwell evaluates your facility, we will create a list of high-priority spares that need updating. However, unlike traditional distribution companies, we use the world search tool to locate obsolete items and refurbish them as “ready to install” spares. Of course, we stock common readily available items like any distributor can offer. However, can those distributors get you everything you need, including obsolete parts?

This process will decrease the likelihood of critical shutdowns that require engineering to develop a complex upgrade or work around in an emergency timeframe. This keeps you fully operational while plans can be made and schedules can be set to make those critical upgrades, virtually preventing downtime.

Here’s a real-world example: Radwell was able to put an entire factory that manufactured Iced tea and bottled fruit juice back online after a severe plant-closing electrical incident. This was the most extreme failure involving over 500 pieces of automation equipment, some current and available new, most obsolete and outdated. These critical items included AC/DC Drives, Operator Interfaces, Servo motors, controls, sensors, and PLC’s. In this scenario, their insurance provider called this a 6-month costly upgrade and was determining to potentially close the older facility due to expense and time required for a full upgrade to take place.

Radwell was approached by the plant manager in a last attempt to save the facility. In this case, we had no advanced partnership agreement and had not had the opportunity to do any advanced research that would have guaranteed we were ready and had all the necessary spares waiting. However, with Radwell’s extensive global group of engineers and technicians, the largest inventory in the industry, and our world search tool that we used to locate critical items we didn’t already have on the shelf, we were able to put this facility fully back online in just under 2 weeks. The cost of our services was 10% of the estimate to rebuild the facility from the insurance provider.

Why do you need Radwell?

Radwell is the go-to provider of critical current and obsolete spares; we inventory over 2 billion dollars of stock and millions of SKUs. We have the largest, most tenured group of engineers in the industry. We do not have a specific limited scope of products we handle as in traditional distribution. Radwell trains and stays up to date on all brands and technologies available. Your plant managers have a huge responsibility to understand and train on many manufacturers and many different technologies. And like you Radwell has simulations and test fixtures for every market segment. We look more like a manufacturing facility than a high-tech service facility, from every robot to every CNC machine, to conveyor technology, labeling and printing, to power generation and chemical processing, Radwell is prepared to technically work to create a solution for your manufacturing facility. We are always evolving and always growing to do one thing better than any other provider: Keep you running!

You will sleep better knowing Radwell is ready to jump to action in your most critical times of need.

To learn more about how we can help your operation

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