Five Ways Radwell Verified Substitutes Can Change Your Life

Radwell Verified Substitutes are high quality, brand new replacements that can be substituted for the original manufacturer’s product, giving customers significant savings in comparison to buying direct from the manufacturer.

If you work in manufacturing, we’ve got a product offering that can change your life. Radwell International Ltd. supply replacements of manufacturer’s products, referred to as Radwell Verified Substitutes. This is a unique offering from Radwell and not something that is common to find amongst industrial automation service/parts providers.

Here are five ways that Radwell Verified Substitutes can significantly benefit your operations:3-Year-Warranty-en-GB

    1. QUALITY: You’ll be replacing manufacturer’s parts with replacements that are high quality and brand new.
    2. These are not refurbished items, but brand new product replacements that you can count on.
    3. WARRANTY: All Radwell Verified Substitutes are covered by a 3-year warranty, giving customers a dependable product and a reliable service.
    4. COST SAVINGS: You will save significantly by purchasing a Radwell Verified Substitute, compared with the manufacturer’s original.
    5. SPEED: Radwell Verified Substitutes won’t leave your operation on hold while you are waiting for delivery. All in stock Verified Substitute items are shipped within 24 hours.
    6. UNIQUE SOLUTIONS: If your operation has unique needs, Radwell Verified Substitutes can be a great solution. We can work with custom requests and we can also help find solutions for obsolete items.


Radwell Verified Substitutes replace many items from some of the most popular manufacturers. We currently offer:

-Contact Kits
-Cord Sets
-Din Rails
-Fiber Optic Cables
-Key Pads/Overlay
-LCD Conversion Kits
-Lever Arms
-Limit Switches
-Micro Switches
-Pendant Stations
-Pilot Lights
-Power Supplies
-Proximity Sensors
-Proximity Switches
-Push Buttons
-Selector Switches
-Toggle Switches
-Touch Screens

To learn more about these quality, cost effective alternatives from Radwell International Ltd., call the team on +44 (0)1782 576800, email us on or visit