No Repair is Too Big or Too Small for Radwell

At Radwell, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the outstanding level of service we provide to our clients. One of the main services we offer is repairs. Whether you have a robot that is need of a repair or a sensor, Radwell is here to provide an unrivaled repair service. Although we are known for being able to provide all kinds of repairs for industrial automation equipment, it’s easy to overlook some of the more basic items that we are also capable of fixing for our customers. These types of items include temperature gauges, process controls, timers and counters. We are just as capable of repairing smaller items, as well as much larger items.


It’s easy to overlook a small display or a dial. Many of our customers wouldn’t even think about having these items repaired. Yet in our Staffordshire facility, we have an entire team dedicated to fix these types of repairs. With Radwell repairs, the entire unit is warrantied with our standard 2-year warranty. Free evaluation and full technical reports are also offered no matter the size of the repair.2 year warranty


For repairing controls, timers or gauges, we may utilise on average up to three or four types of test equipment per repair. For controls, a multimeter, power supply, calibrator and loop controller are used and for gauges, a PSI module will be used. Of course, this will vary based on the specific type of part or equipment being repaired. For technicians, one of the biggest challenges with repairing older controls, gauges and timers is finding information about the unit. However, our technicians are very experienced and having worked within businesses like yours themselves for many years, even when information is limited they already have the knowledge required to repair your unit. 


Common signs that your product needs a repair:

There are some basic signs that machine operators and warehouse supervisors can look out for that might provide a hint that their controls or gauges might need some maintenance before a “machine down” situation occurs.

  • If a display begins to dim or flicker, it is probably a good indication that a repair might be needed
  • A discolored board is an indication that something isn’t right with a unit
  • A non-responsive keypad or any strange odor emitting from a unit will generally be a precursor for repair needs
  • If any relay chattering or high pitched tone is heard from a unit, it’s going to need to be repaired soon

At Radwell International, our repair capabilities are varied and comprehensive. We are continually improving our test equipment to continue to provide outstanding service to our customers. Whether it is a large scale repair or a small part repair, we can help.

Our Repair Service:

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For more information about Radwell International’s repair capabilities, email us, call us on 01782 576800 or visit Radwell Repair Services.


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