Radwell Donates Thousands of Masks to Local Charities

Supporting our essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic is vital. Radwell International sourced important personal protective equipment and have donated thousands of face masks to local charities who are working with vulnerable families.

The industrial automation specialists have given face masks to the Donna Louise, the Hubb Foundation, the Douglas Macmillan Hospice, the Alice Charity and the Alzheimer's Society. Managing Director Martin Keegan said: “Our buyers were able to source a significant batch of three-ply disposable masks, which, while not meeting NHS specifications, offer excellent protection. I asked contacts for organisations who would benefit and was put in touch with the Donna Louise Hospice who were keen to have face masks for use by families visiting children.”


Martin added: “Adam Yates, from Hubb, told us that they are building packs of useful items to distribute to families and that face masks would be very useful for staff putting these together.”

Radwell are proud to have been able to support and thank local charities and key workers for all the tireless work they do to keep the community safe, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you are interested in buying personal protective equipment (PPE), including face masks, gloves, hand sanitiser, visit https://www.radwell.co.uk/Search?TopCategoryId=1028&PageSize=50  


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