Radwell Introduces The Rad-Touch-2020

In a continuous effort to provide our customers with the best products and services, we are pleased to announce the Rad-Touch-2020.

About The RAD-TOUCH-2020.

This is the best of the best non-contact personal tool you can use to avoid contact with surfaces you encounter daily. The construction is sturdy and light weight, made from durable plastic with an internal metal structure for added strength.


Most non-contact tools on the market today can only interact with certain types of touch screen interfaces. This causes the interruption of daily activities while trying to use these tools. The RAD-TOUCH-2020 solves this issue with a truly unique stylus tip. Built to interact with all types of touch screen interfaces including resistive and capacitive. This tool seamlessly fits into your hygienic conscious daily lives. From ATMs, self checkouts, ticket kiosks, and industrial interfaces, the RadTouch2020 is one of the best all-around non-contact tools available.

Resistive Touch Screens


One of the most widely used touch screens today, composed of a film screen and a glass panel, both are covered with a metallic layer. Once pressure is applied on the screen the two layers make contact. An electrical flow is created and the selection is made on the screen.

Capacitive Touch Screens

Another popular touch screen type, capacitive screens operate differently than resistive. Capacitive screen use the body's own static electricity to create a charge. Thus, transferring a charge to the screen.


The RAD-TOUCH-2020 is unique in the fact that it can handle both types of screens without issue.

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