What to Ask Before Hiring A Surplus Liquidation Service

There are numerous companies offering surplus liquidation services. When engaging a surplus inventory liquidation service, it's crucial to ask five pertinent questions before proceeding with the transaction.

  1. Are you selling your surplus inventory to a bona fide company?

Many firms purport to offer legitimate surplus inventory liquidation services. Regrettably, some of these entities are small, dubious businesses that present themselves in ways that could mislead customers. Instead of experiencing a smooth process, clients might encounter less than satisfactory outcomes when liquidating their surplus inventory. Radwell International has been providing surplus liquidation services to customers for many years, building its reputation on integrity, honesty, and reliability since 1979. What started as a small team of five has evolved into today's benchmark for industrial electronic repair and surplus supplies in electrical, electronic, pneumatic, and MRO sectors.

  1. Will the service you engage recycle any items that are no longer usable?

RAD_3537PRINTCL denoiseIf your company values environmental sustainability, you would undoubtedly prefer not to have your old inventory end up in a landfill. Services that offer surplus inventory liquidation should incorporate recycling as a fundamental aspect of their surplus management cycle. Unneeded products should aid other businesses in remaining operational. Companies with well-conceived surplus inventory liquidation processes can supply needed surplus parts to customers at a discount, creating a positive surplus cycle beneficial for all parties involved.

  1. Will you receive a detailed and itemised list including every item the surplus liquidation company receives, the condition of each item, the quantity of each item, and the precise value within a week of receiving your surplus inventory?

Receiving a detailed inventory of the surplus you provide to a liquidation service is imperative. Knowledge of what was submitted for sale is essential for records and general inventory management. Understanding the condition and quantity of the items also assists companies in managing warehouse space effectively by selling unwanted inventory.

  1. Will the company offer complimentary palette containers and free freight for the items you are selling?

A legitimate surplus inventory liquidator should be prepared to absorb the cost of freight and provide a complimentary shipping palette container to collect your surplus inventory. If a company is unwilling to bear these costs, this should be deemed unacceptable. Firms like Radwell International routinely offer free freight and palette containers as part of their surplus inventory liquidation services.



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