Everything You Need to Know About Installed Base Evaluation

Do you struggle with preventative maintenance? Are your machines over worked? Can your staff hit their targets? Would you say your manufacturing process lacks efficiency or has unnecessary downtime? Or do you worry about obsolescence management?

Don’t panic because Radwell offers an Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) which aims to reduce down time, improve reliability and manage risk.

5 Step IBE Graphic LS

The 3 stages of Radwell's Installed Base Evaluation?

Stage 1: Data CollectionIBE-1

A Radwell Engineer will visit your site and conduct a thorough review of all installed electronic, and mechanical if requested, equipment. The engineer will create a plant hierarchy and detail risk by area, line, machine, panel and stores.


Stage 2: Analysis


We then determine current and future plant risks and MRO inventory levels. By reviewing your installed base, we can determine recommended stock levels, identify repairable assets, develop robust procedures for continuity in stores and begin migration planning to avoid and eradicate obsolescence risk.



Stage 3: Report

IBE report

This is a two staged process that requires full customer engagement. We’ll deliver our results back to you with detailed reports, stock valuation, what’s missing and asset life cycles. We’ll then work together to determine critical spares and to set up processes to help mitigate any risk


To learn more about Radwell's Installed Base Evaluation 
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