Going Above and Beyond to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Understanding customer service is an essential component to any organisation. Customer service aims to provide an exceptional service that meets or even exceeds customers' requirements, leaving them feeling valued and respected. Maintaining a positive reputation among customers will encourage a long-term relationship with your customers, increase customer loyalty, enhance repurchases and generate positive word-of-mouth.



Reasons Why Customer Support is Vital:

  • Increases customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is closely linked to repeat purchases and increased customer loyalty
  • Acts as a positive point of difference
  • Enhances positive word-of-mouth


How Radwell Meets or Exceeds Customer Expectations:

Radwell aims to exceed customers’ expectations by continually monitoring their needs through our dedicated in-house customer service team and customer surveys which are conducted regularly. This feedback helps us to continually improve our processes and shapes our future.



One example of exceeding customers’ expectations included a request from a French end-user who needed a part urgently as they had a machine down situation. The part was in stock and the customer needed it that day. Our sales representative, Toni, researched costs to deliver the part to the customer including a taxi to Paris and found that taking the part via aeroplane himself that afternoon was cheaper and faster than shipping. Toni agreed to jump on the flight to Paris to meet the customer and then fly back. We had minutes to place the order, test it and package it ready for a 14:20 flight out of Manchester. Toni made it through security and boarded the plane with only a few minutes to spare, met his customer to hand over the part and then flew back! Toni returned home at 10:00pm, satisfied that his customer's site was back in operation again. Distance is not a challenge for Radwell.




Radwell's inside sales team includes French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, German, Romanian, Czech, Swiss and Austrian speaking representatives to ensure language is no barrier when discussing our products and services on the telephone, email or live chat.




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