How Industry 4.0 Can Be Implemented In An Affordable Way

shutterstock_408711637In the world of manufacturing, Industry 4.0 is bringing exciting changes to how companies operate. When implemented correctly, the initiatives that go along with Industry 4.0 have the potential to make manufacturing safer, more cost-efficient and more effective. The combination of traditional manufacturing with the modern Internet of Things and a holistic approach is a big move forward for companies.

The most competitive companies are looking for ways to integrate Industry 4.0 initiatives into their plants. They are seeing significant benefits from the changes. By making changes that fit within your budget, you can stay competitive without overextending your business capital.

Integrate a virtual server

Industry 4.0 requires a large amount of storage and internet capabilities. Many companies, however, only have local servers - or may only have local desktops that are connected at a rudimentary level. By implementing a single virtual server, you can start adapting to a more holistic technology integration without overwhelming yourself, your staff, and your budget with changes.

Two-factor authorisation

The more we use technology, the more we expose ourselves to cyber threats. That's as true for businesses as it is for individuals, but the risks can be much greater. By using two-factor identification, you have to confirm password changes or new logins. That helps keep your business secure.

shutterstock_1008215161Start with smart machines

Replacing all of your machines at once is both costly and potentially inefficient. But as your machinery breaks down, consider purchasing smart machines. This moves your company in the right direction, moving one step closer to implementing Industry 4.0.

Work within your current tech setup

Much of the Industry 4.0 software that is being created is designed to overlay the programs you already use every day. No software should require you to throw out everything you have and start over. At the same time, look out for programs that are no longer being supported or those that are being phased out. These you may need to play to replace.shutterstock_586567277

Go one at a time

It's tempting to try and fix everything at once, but in terms of manufacturing, that will leave you with a potential disaster. Make sure to implement changes slowly, give your teams time to learn and understand, and then move on to the next process. Optimising one process means that you'll get it right, and can then move forward. Start with your most critical processes and then continue.

Moving towards Industry 4.0 will help your business stay competitive as you step into the future.


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