Industry 4.0 Will Have the Impact of the First Industrial Revolution, Squared

If you're wondering how Industry 4.0 will impact your organisation and other manufacturers across the globe, you're not alone. This new operational shift is changing things faster than most people realise, and if some futurists and experts are right, Industry 4.0 will lead to a sort of brave new world in manufacturing, unlike anything we've ever seen before. 



Industry 4.0 is a new era where manufacturers use Big Data, the IoT and interconnected computers to automate processes while minimising the need for human operators. The global value of all Industry 4.0 components is expected to exceed £4 trillion by 2020. You should be aware of the growing trend toward the utilisation of Industry 4.0 technology if you work in the manufacturing sector. 


How Industry 4.0 Technology Supports Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies are more dependent on smart technology than ever before. They need to depend on companies that produce high-quality sensors, deep learning algorithms and IoT devices to help them meet their expectations.

Radwell International Ltd has helped numerous clients improve their Industry 4.0 processes. We supply a large range of photoelectric sensors, pushbuttons, timers, circuit breakers and other electronic control devices. These smart devices are integrated into the IoT, which enables companies to streamline their production capabilities.

Radwell International understand that while smart technology is highly beneficial to manufacturers, it comes at a cost. We offer solutions to reduce the price point for our customers, including offering surplus parts and used components. We also repair smart technology, which is often more cost-effective than replacing it. These approaches are helping minimise the costs of adopting Industry 4.0 technology, which is making it more accessible to companies around the world.


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