Radwell's Power to Repair

Your Industrial Automation and Electronic Control Repairs are in Safe Hands with Radwell's experienced technicians.

Repairing your PLC, HMI, CNC, PCB, Servo Motor, Inverter, Drive, Robot or other parts with Radwell can save up to 60% against buying new.

With FREE Repair Collection, 2 Year Warranty on the entire unit and our Price Promise, Radwell's power to repair is second to none! Call 01782 576800 for a Quote.


FREE Repair Collection 

FREE Fault Evaluation

FREE Delivery

2 Year Warranty


Our Repair Process

(1) One of our Area Sales Managers will collect your repair free of charge

(2) Your repair arrives at Radwell and begins in our Receiving Area where all deliveries are booked in before making their way to our repair technicians.

(3) Your item is then photographed and documentation is scanned. This ensures that we can track the part between all teams that will work on your repair.

(4) Your repair is then assessed by our quality control team for a free repair evaluation. It is at this point that we will contact you to discuss the repair and provide a quote.

(5) Once you have approved the repair quote, your repair is allocated to an experienced technician to assess and repair your business critical electrical and machine components. With over 2,600 test fixtures your unit is fully tested. Our objective is to ensure your HMI’s, PLC’s, Drives and Controls are repaired quickly and effectively so you are back in production to reduce downtime. 

If you have a Servo Motor in need of repair, it will be assessed and repaired in our motor shop. Not only do we repair the motor, we take time to record the fault information, create a data sheet and ensure it is sand blasted and resprayed to look like new. This is one of many value-added services that you can expect from Radwell.

Our technicians get a great deal of support from our engineering team. Our production technicians utilise custom-built test carts to ensure your repair is fully tested before it is shipped to you. This ensures that Radwell is a market leader in industrial automation and electrical control equipment repairs. Our team can even back up your machine, so you have a copy of the settings to add to future equipment you may purchase from us.

(6) Our Shipping Department packaged your item and ship it back to you as part as our free repair delivery.


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