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Tips for Continuous Improvement Strategies in Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturers continually invest time, money and other resources into research and development. They are also working innovators ready to introduce or embrace new technologies and other developments that support their goal of improving productivity and saving on costs.

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Six Steps to an Effective Cybersecurity Plan

Physical security, cybersecurity education, IT/OT separation and outsourcing when necessary are crucial to effective cybersecurity.

A Wall Street Journal article discusses a new set of attacks on electrical distribution providers. These attacks have targeted providers too small to be NERC regulated but may serve a critical infrastructure such as dams or military bases. All but one of the entities that were named in the article says the phishing e-mails were blocked by malicious content filters and were never an issue for them. However, one facility chose not to comment.

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Radwell International Ltd Celebrate their 10 Year Anniversary

The UK branch of the global manufacturing and factory automation specialist Radwell International opened their doors on 10th March 2011 and now 10 years later they reflect on their successes and challenges.

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Radwell’s Food Drive Welcome Boost for Swan Bank Church

Radwell International have once again helped to collect a huge amount of food, drink and non-perishable items to donate to Swan Bank Methodist Church, Burslem as they continue their annual Food Drive despite the pandemic for those who need it the most during the festive season.

Volunteers at Swan Bank help individuals and families who have fallen on bad times, many of whom are homeless, unemployed, disabled or retired. They open their doors and donate food to vulnerable people from the area who otherwise might be without food and company at this time of the year.

Radwell have been able to donate hundreds of pounds worth of tinned food, dry pasta, rice, confectionary, cereals, tea, coffee, laundry products, toiletries and other long-life produce. The food drive was headed by the company’s marketing team and supported by employees who have themselves faced a challenging year.


Sandra Rodgers, a Volunteer at Swan Bank said “Radwell have done it again. Their support means the world not only to us, but the hundreds of people who need it the most. Their generous donations will help us to help everyone who walks through our doors and bring a ray of light into their lives.”

Martin Thomas, European Marketing Manager at Radwell commented “Swan Bank provide an invaluable service to residents during what should be a time for celebration. By providing food to people who need it the most they provide us all with a timely reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. Radwell are proud to help and will continue to do so.”


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Radwell’s Toy Drive Goes Ahead Despite the Pandemic

Radwell, based in Newcastle under Lyme, have donated over 120 toys to The Salvation Army as part of their annual Toy Drive. Their employees have been donating toys over the last 2 months in the run up to Christmas with the aim of supporting the charity and helping children who may not normally receive a present during the festive season.

The Salvation Army Hall located on Camp Road, Stoke-on-Trent delivers donated toys and gifts to local families and currently has over 250 children on their list that are desperately in need of toys.

Radwell employees have collected toys for boys and girls of all ages ranging from 3 months to 18 years old, including dolls, action figures, teddys, puzzles, books, stationery and board games.

Martin Thomas, European Marketing Manager said “This year has been challenging for everyone and Christmas is an ideal opportunity to come together to show our support for those that need it the most. We were determined to continue with our annual toy drive despite the pandemic and help our local community. We would like to thank all of our employees who donated toys.”

Theresa Raffan, Community Development Coordinator said “We are very grateful to Radwell for having such a positive impact in our Christmas Present Appeal. Their employees have been tremendously generous in donating all the gifts which is helping over 120 children to make a real difference in their life at Christmas.”


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Five Automation Design Tips for the Future

Automation design and system integration: When designing automation for the future, consider open source, capital costs, evolution, multi-vendor capability and cybersecurity.

Great product design using automation and controls isn’t just about solving existing problems faster and cheaper than others. It’s about living in the future. Don’t just do a better version of the same thing. Ask where the industry is heading, ask customers where they want to go, and then design a product that can live in that future.

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Five Tips for Specifying Mobile Robots

Before investing in an industrial mobile robot, get answers for these five questions.

If you are thinking of moving to a mobile robot or automated guided vehicle (AGV), there are questions that should be asked. BlueBotics chief executive officer, Nicola Tomatis, with a PhD in robotics, covered five key areas to consider before buying mobile robotics.

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UK Set to Lead the Green Revolution

Climate change is a leading concern for the British public. A recent YouGov poll found the environment is the third most important issue in the UK, ahead of both crime and the economy.

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What is Obsolescence in Manufacturing? Tips for Avoiding the Pitfalls


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Manufacturing Post COVID-19: Marching Toward Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the way people live. Social distancing, face coverings, and remote working when possible are the new norms. Manufacturing, deemed an essential service, must forge on, finding new ways of working that balance the safety of workers with maintaining a production schedule to meet supply chain demands and sustain profits.

Manufacturers find themselves navigating the new normal of split team working, digital platforms, and remote working that can make worker connectivity and productivity challenging. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for manufacturers willing to embrace digital platforms and other technology designed to circumvent such issues.

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